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About This Page

This is an investment and trading blog outlining our market views on trading, Bursa Malaysia, economics, global markets, and other financial topics. 

On a regular basis, this will be an outlet for expressing our somewhat contrarian views backed with empirical research and personal market experiences. 

We hope to provide thought provoking content and investment ideas which you may not find elsewhere, as well as some that you may vehemently disagree with. 

We also welcome any feedback, provided they're honest and frank (more swear words, the better). Email us or tweet us directly to get in touch. 

Brief Background on the Authors

The team running this blog and the investment fund it is named after consists of finance industry professionals and ex-business journalists. We have collective professional experience in equity analysis, equity trading, equity capital markets, structured derivatives, and structured warrants. 

The editor-in-chief of this blog is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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